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7” halo

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One year warranty 

LED 50k hour lifespan 

Waterproof IP67

Diecast Aluminum Housing 

New updated version now offers 121 different chase modes

This headlight will fit from a CJ,TJ,LJ, and JK it will come with both headlights, 2 H4-H13 adapters and the Bluetooth controller box. You can also choose the fog light option that will include two fog lights and they will work with the same Bluetooth controller so everything will work together. Also this app offers a feature so that you can put a PIN number for your controller and nobody else can use it. The install is pretty straight forward as you will need to remove the grill and the old headlights which will have a bezel that’s held in with 3 T15 screws pull that off and then your headlight will be free unplug it and put the new one in. To get the RGB function to work you will need to have power and ground for the controller to work. Also if using a Android phone please check your settings and permissions to allow them to work with your phone.